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What is the cost per workshop?

$0. Our workshops are completely FREE! SavY believes that having good money management habits is important to everyone - so we want to make our workshops and resources as easily accessible as possible.

Can I book more than one workshop? Can SavY come in over multiple days?

Yes, you can book as many workshops as you like. Just let us know the workshop programme, times and dates you'd like us to come in - and we will make things happen! Generally we can come in whenever you would like, provided we are not already booked at another school. Please note however, we can only hold up to three workshops simultaneously at any one time.

Can you present your workshop during assembly?

Unfortunately, no - but we have a good reason for this! We like to have approximately 30 students per workshop because we want the workshops to be more interactive. We find that students are usually more engaged this way rather than giving a presentation to a big group of students all at once. It also gives students more chance to ask facilitators questions.

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