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Becoming a SavY Workshop Facilitator

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What will I be doing as a facilitator?

You will be presenting fun and interactive money management workshops at a local high school with another facilitator

Do I have to be studying business to become a facilitator?

Absolutely not! We provide full training for all facilitators - the material we present are things that everyone should know (and not just business students). What is more important is that you can engage and connect well with students!

How often will I be presenting workshops?

We expect our facilitators to present a minimum of five workshops per semester. This equates to 2-3 hours of your time, including transportation, every fortnight.

Does it cost to join?

$0! SavY even reimburses for your transport costs when you go do workshops!

Why should I become a facilitator?

Not only are the workshops plenty fun to present, you'll be making a genuine difference to students' lives. You'll also be improving your own public speaking and communication skills. To top it all off there are many opportunities for personal development, such as joining the executive team, once you've done a few workshops.

Do I need experience to join?

No! We don't expect uni students to have experience in such things. If you have experience in public speaking, great! If not, we have a full training agenda to prepare you for the workshops. We will also pair you up with an experienced facilitator over the first few workshops to show you the ropes.

Do I have to be a university student to join?

Yep, you have to be a university student to become a facilitator. If this is you, visit the facilliator page for more information.

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